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ADIPEC 2019: Let's strike up new deals in Abu Dhabi! ))

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica will participate in the largest International petroleum exhibition & conference

Statement from Management. Ilya Kalenkov: Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica notes the successful start of the Thermal Power Plants Modernization Program in Russia

The number of energy companies applying for the first energy capacity contest (26.1 GW) exceeded the quota by 2.8 times

Management Comment: Heat Capacity Modernization Program in Russia — a large-scale source of demand for domestic engineering companies

The launch of this program is one of the key events in recent years in the domestic engineering market.

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica is recognized as the best ESYLUX (Germany) distributor on the Russian market

ESYLUX products attract well-deserved interest among Russian customers, helping to implement engineering projects at international level.

A reminder of the Great Patriotic War: projects implemented in Kuban often involve mine clearance in the area

Artillery shells have been detected and defused as part of the Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica project in Krasnodar Krai

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica became acquainted with the practical use of Kehua Tech's uninterrupted electric power supply systems

In early April, we took part in the first conference of the companies Absolute Technologies and Kehua Tech (PRC)

Check out our new ROG-Engineering website! All about Oil&Gas industry equipment

Accurate and complete information on the functions and benefits of the technological equipment produced by the Company.

PJSC Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica begins to apply innovative fireproofing products by Atominoprom in the Company's projects

This world-class solution will strengthen the Company's position in the nuclear sector and contribute to Russia's import substitution program.

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica set up an outdoor lighting system in the Park of the Future occupational center at the Russian Child Center «Smena»

From now on, the Russian Child Center «Smena» will be filled with soft lighting thanks to the outdoor lighting system created by our Company

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica's experts take part in a workshop by Roxtec (Sweden)

Strengthening our cooperation with Roxtec, the world's leading supplier of universal modular sealing systems for cables and pipes.